August 2017

The Pentatonic Scale (Part 1)


All guitarists use The Pentatonic scale to solo in blues, rock, and folk music. Experience tells me the Pentatonic scale may be "The International scale." I've used it in sessions with musicians from India, Africa, and the Middle East. In this post I've diagrammed The 5 Forms of the Pentatonic to learn the fretboard of the guitar.

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June 2017

October 2016

10 Guitarists Every Guitarist Should Know


This is my first "Artist Spotlight" blog. Normally I'll focus on one artist, but to kick off this feature I'd like to begin with 10 Guitarists Every Guitarist [...]

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September 2016

Carnegie Hall ???


I've never heard a student say “I have too much time to practice,” so let me suggest some practice concepts that are time effective. In [...]

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August 2016

A Path To Making Music On The Guitar!


Use promotional code promo2weeks to enjoy 2 free weeks of instruction from August 6th-20th I'm happy to announce my new video course entitled A Path [...]

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June 2016

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