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I’m happy to announce my new video course entitled A Path To Making Music On The Guitar! It is a 15-Part beginner’s guitar video series.

If you’re looking for a beginning guitar class that takes you beyond strumming campfire chords, you’ve found it! This class is for newcomers or any guitarist who wants to fill in the gaps and develop a solid foundation for making music on the guitar.

What does “making music on the guitar” really mean? That depends on the individual. For you it may mean playing your favorite songs, or learning a new style of music: for others the ability to improvise or write music with the guitar. For me it ultimately means having the skills to truly express myself on the guitar.

Before I knew better, I taught students all the songs and riffs they wanted to learn. That worked for a while. I found this approach was not advantageous for the student because there was too much random information which became impossible to retain, and offered no way to really digest the fundamentals of music.

After teaching classes and private individuals for more than 30 years, I now know students are more successful when they are presented with a logical path to learning music. This series is not only fun but gives you the tools you need to begin performing music on the guitar.

Some of the topics that are presented in the course include…

  • A thorough introduction to the guitar

  • Step by step guide to reading music

  • Proper guitar techniques for the Right and Left Hands like fingerpicking, strumming, and slurs

  • Musicianship skills through the study of Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm

  • Open position Triads, 7th chords, Bar Chords, and Scales

  • How to practice

  • Ideas for improvisation

  • Applying learned skills toward a creative end

  • The practice of Folk, Blues, and Classical music culminating in the performance of solo guitar pieces

Use promotional code promo2weeks to enjoy 2 free weeks of instruction from August 6th20th

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